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Xunantunich, Cave Tubing & Ziplining Tour


$200 US per person


7am- 5 pm


3.5 hours




2 guests


Xunantunich pronunciation: “Shoo-nan-too-nitch”. The name means “Stone Woman” or “Maiden of the Rock”. The Maiden of the Rock is actually a ghost of Xunantunich, said to wonder about the Ancient ruins.

The history books explains; Xunantunich is a Classic Period ceremonial center located eight miles west of San Ignacio in the Cayo District.

At the village of San Jose Succotz, we cross over the Mopan River using a hand-cranked ferry. After a ten minute ride uphill, we will reach the visitors center and site museum.

The main temple is structure A-6; appropriately named ‘El Castillo’, which reaches 40 meters (130 feet) above plaza level and 180 meters (600 feet) above sea level.

Here you will have a Panoramic view of the surrounding rain-forest. Howler monkeys and Green iguanas of some of the animals you may encounter on your way to the top.

El Castillo is the second tallest man-made building in Belize and is comprised of three layers in the structure.

The core of Xunantunich occupies about one square mile.

Consisting of a series of six plazas surrounded by more than 26 temples and palaces.

Archaeologists state that the site at Xunantunich was abandoned sometime between 890 to 900 AD.

The site was discovered in 1881 by Alfred Maloney, later the site was known as Mount Maloney. In 1894 a British Doctor, Thomas Gann, visited the site.

In 1905 Teobart Mahler, an explorer and photographer of the museum of Harvard University, visited the site and took extensive pictures of the site at Xunantunich. In 1924 Thomas Gann returned to the site and started excavation works.

Xunantunich opening hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The small hand-cranked ferry carries visitors across between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.

Cave Tubing at Jaguar Paw Tour Description

More than just floating on inner tubes. imagine your favorite water park but a thousand times better.

And the ride was designed by Mother Nature.

Your cave tubing tour will be done in the pristine and beautiful Caves Branch Archaeological Site.

After an easy hike to the mouth of the cave system and outfitting for your own personal inner tube, your guide will lead you to a gentle river.

Once you’re settled on the water, you wind down the river through a lush Belize jungle, into massive black echoing caves, under the earth itself, and out into the sunlight again.

Your guide will point out interesting things to see with an explanation–caves that archaeologists have explored, and caves that they’ve barely begun to explore.

Keep an eye open, you may spot something that no one else has ever seen yet!

Western Belize is like Swiss cheese - a vast limestone bedrock, shot through with percolating water - that, over millions of years - have made more chambers than we’ll ever be able to find.

This tour is quite refreshing for the soul, or if you want to bring the whole family, or just to relax and wonder at the beauty of the Belize jungle caves, floating nonchalantly like a leaf on the water.

Ziplining At Jaguar Paw Tour Description

Want to get your adrenaline pumping? Then Ziplining will definitely do t hat. It is an exhilarating and fun activity, what's great, it is safe for the entire family.

Jaguar Paw is located along the banks of the Caves Branch River, and provides one of the best Zip Line experience in Belize.

You will enjoy a birds-eye view of the jungle canopy below, zipping (pun intended) over the river and trees.

Don't worry, we make sure to adhere to stringent safety protocols.

The entire tour takes about 45-60 minutes.

Additional Gear Recommednation:

  • Comfy hiking shoes

  • Comfortable clothes


  • Children must be 5 years or older

  • Waist limit is 44 inches


  • bottle water

  • hat, bug spray 

  • extra set of dry clothing

  • bathing suits

  • good hiking shoes

  •  bag pack for carrying lunch 

  • towel.


  • all tours include transportation

  • entrance fees

  • equipment

  • guided tours and lunch

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